IVV Glamour Centerpiece 41cm


Centerpiece in Silver Decoration

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Glamour is a collection of gorgeous tableware and accessories from IVV, featuring stylish handcrafted quality lead-free glass.?The items have rounded shapes and incredibly beautiful iridescent silver decor in the form of an original pattern that invariably attracts the eye and adds shades of luxury and charm to the atmosphere.?The Glamour?series will perfectly fit into the most sophisticated table setting.

IVV, Industria Vetraria Valdarnese, was established back in 1952 by a group of master glassmakers. Through the years, IVV has made a name of itself as one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of handmade blown glass, combining innovative research, design, traditional artisan techniques and strict process controls to create glass objects which provide a new sense of style to the home and table.

Centerpiece with Silver Decoration
Color: Clear / Silver Decoration
Diameter (inch): 16

Weight 1 kg