Noritake 5Pcs Couple Breakfast Set – Celest Thoi


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Celest Thoi (M673) collaborates with Noritake for flowery and dainty crockery. known for her feminine design, innovative nature, and passion for all things bridal, was specially selected to helm this collaboration to show a different side to Noritake’s tableware offering.

Taking inspiration from delicate flowers such as the Ranunculus, which are cool-season flowers that symbolize charm and attractiveness; the Lupine which symbolizes happiness, creativity, and imagination; and the Hypericum (otherwise known as St. John’s Wort) which symbolizes protection and rebirth, Celest has captured the essence of nature’s best and translated it onto covetable porcelain plates.

2x Bread & Butter Plate
2x Mug
1x Round Serving Plate


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